PPE SAFETY is a protective equipment company in Rivonia, Sandton. It was established in 2013 to supply women with protective workwear. It is a member of the women in Mining (WIMSA) and supplies protective equipment to the following industries: 


  • Mining
  • Foundries
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Bulk Handling
  • Metal processing
  • Chemical Processing
  • Power General Engineer




  • Head Protection


Hard hats, Bump caps, Eye protection, Hearing protection, and Respiratory protection


  • Hand Protection


Gloves ranging from leather, synthetic materials such as Nitrile, Latex and Kevlar for general handling, precision work, anti-static, hydrocarbon protection and handling of sharp objects in addition to welding and protection from heat


  • Body Protection


Two-piece overalls, Boiler suits, Disposable work wear, Fire retardant overalls, Acid resistant overalls as well as corporate work wear. We have extensive experience with branding via screen printing, embroidery and heat applied logos


  • High Visibility Work Wear


Body protection with Hi-Viz properties providing visibility where moving vehicles and equipment present a threat. The range includes Raincoats, Parkas, Over-trousers, Waistcoats, Bibs and T-shirts all providing high visibility protection.


  • Foot Protection


Safety boots and shoes, conforming to European standard ISO EN20345, with both steel and composite toe protection. Footwear that provides non-slip, anti-static, oil and acid resistance as well as  puncture and heat resistant soles. We also stock and supply footwear with heat resistant outer-soles, water resistant uppers (S3) and Gumboots.


  • Fall Protection


Full body harness complete with single and double lanyards, Snap hooks, Scaffold hooks and Karabiners. Self retractable lifelines, a full range of rescue equipment, and accessories.